The Group


Steel is at the heart of all FORLAM products, a group operated on and guided by shared values. Between the forges, the perimeter protection business and the traditional rolling mills in Isère where the group was born nearly 600 years ago, FORLAM has rooted its expertise in service of a world which, like steel, is forging a new path.
It is with this respect for tradition that in recent years the Group has managed to intensify its industrial operation and its teams. Beyond forging small and medium-sized products, it is at large scale that operations really unfold while supporting FORLAM’s expertise in machining, locksmithing, folding and digital.
The Group has the ambition to make steel an ever more innovative product. This ambition is held by all employees at FORLAM and is guided by a responsible group of men and women in management.
Although France is where we process, our market extends far beyond its borders.
Let’s continue to make FORLAM a creative and informative industrial platform between customers, suppliers and employees.

Management committee
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Creation of the Bonpertuis


Creation of the
Experton Revollier group


FORLAM leaves the
Experton Revollier group to become
an independent company

2018 • 2019

Integration of the companies:
Bourguignon Barré, Vermigli and Grillages Naas


Creation of ALMAR, joint venture with Austrian
company Martin Schienentechnik to
develop rail fishplates integrating
glue insulated joints


Sunwind and Ecoceps


The history of the FORLAM group has been written over nearly six centuries! Its roots are in the heart of the Dauphiné region, with the creation of the Bonpertuis Steelworks in 1434. Recognised as one of the oldest companies in France, the Steelworks were renowned for the quality of their swords and sickles.
These same lands saw the creation of the Experton Revollier group in 1820, which is the parent company of FORLAM group. Within its forges and rolling mills, the company would over time develop a deep expertise in steel processing. To support its core business, it bought landmark steelworks, including the Bonpertuis Steelworks. The foundations were laid to birth one of the giants of French steel processing.
In 2017, the FORLAM group became an independent entity. Through the entrepreneurial story that provided the foundation of its history and culture, it has kept precious traits: its connection to a traditional craft, its ability to unite companies with complementary expertise around it, and a striving for innovation. Not forgetting its logo in the form of a Dolphin, a homage to the Dauphiné region that saw the creation of the company.

  • €181m
    turnover in 2023
  • + 700
  • 44% export
  • 140,000T of steel
Global presence

To ensure its expertise is at its maximum, FORLAM group has chosen to root its production line on French soil.


For the entirety of its sectors, FORLAM has 11 production sites that bring together highly qualified personnel. Its products are today exported onto every continent.