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The Clotex brand represents the whole Fencing business arm of the FORLAM group. Set up in 1993, this division positions itself as experts in a variety of perimeter security sectors: area boundaries, securing and development of residential, community and industrial sites, as well as the development of urban spaces.

For several years, the Group’s Fencing business has seen heavy growth. To meet the demands of this highly dynamic market, Clotex has chosen to maximise its expertise across the whole value chain: every stage of production has been included from design to distribution.

Gates and outer fencing for a private property, perimeter protection for an exposed zone, trellising to support vine growth – Clotex products meet a wide variety of use cases. Brought together under one complete range, these products are able to cover the needs of businesses, communities and individuals.

Key figures
  • €76m
  • 5 000
    products references
  • 221
Nos références & clients
Environmental responsibility

Over 30,000 tons of steel processed annually are 100% steel recycled from the electrical domain.

Also, all waste is then reclaimed through appropriate domains such as steel (1,500 tons per year), aluminium, stainless steel, copper, wood, cardboard, etc.

  • 30 000 tons
    of recycled steel processed
  • 1 500 tons
    of steel waste reclaimed each year
Sites de production
  • Rue des Trois Moulins
    51170 Fismes - BP 26
  • ZI Les Gouchoux Est, Saint Jean d'Ardières
    69220 Belleville en Beaujolais
  • ZI Les Consacs, 339 Bd Bernard Long CS 60099
    83175 Brignoles CEDEX
  • Les Forges, Renage - BP 9
    38148 Rives sur Fure CEDEX
  • La Presle - BP 17
    55170 Ancerville
  • ZA de la Grande Île - 427 rue Docteur Marmonnier
    38190 Villard-Bonnot
Advantages that make the difference
  • Fully integrated manufacturing: wire drawing, galvanisation, welding and powder coating rigid panels
  • Weaving of flexible fencing
  • Bar fencing and gates
  • Creation of bespoke plans for the end customer
  • Factories specialised for each type of product for greater efficiency
  • 300+ references in stock

The Fencing business of the Group combines bespoke and off the shelf catalogue products. To meet the needs of its customers and partners, the R&D department is completely focused on innovation. Its developments can concentrate on creating new solutions, such as for perimeter protection of particularly sensitive zones such as security building sites or nuclear sites. But it also works on improving existing products by updating solutions which, such as with movable clips, make fitters’ lives easier.

Main markets targeted
  • Material trade
  • Fencing distributors
  • Landscape layers
  • Wine distributors
  • Logistics centers